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This page is designed for the upcoming news, here i will add the info about all the new plans i have for toriqtests.com in the future.

  1. I am making a new High Range Test called; CAPIUNTIQ Verbal/Numerical Test, the test will be a numerical/verbal mix test there the logic will be clear, test comes out in November of 2018. 

  2. I am working on making stats for my tests also, it will be in the norm page. I have set it to Norm/Stats (Norm Red/Stats Green) as headline for this page now, this will be finish by the end of the month. 

  3. New test out called; MVNLT 20, this is an easy test for all to enjoy!! Hope many of you will try it out! This test has some new and some of the old items from my other tests in it`s design.

  4. New email address for submissions of tests: torajor@outlook.com

  5. I have started on the design for my new and third pure numerical test called; Quinque 3, the test will be up and running by summer 2019. This test will be very hard to solve, and i will use all my skills in making this test my best numerical test yet!! More info about this test when it comes out!

  6. I have been voted as 2019 Genius of the Year - Europe by the World Genius Directory!!

  7. I have added a prize page with pictures to my testsite, take a look!!

  8. Quinque 3 is now out, it is the hardest numerical test yet, take a look and enjoy the test!!

  9. Made some adjustments to my testsite, new look for my tests, and added two more achievements. 

  10. I have added publications to my link page, it now reads; Links/Publications, reason is for all that will add any publications that they may have regards to books, academic work or otherwise, and send this by mail with link of your work to my email address; torarnejorgensen@hotmail.com and i will add your link to the Links/Publications page, this goes also for high range tests of different authors. 

  11. Some newspaper articles added to my prize page.  

  12. Have updated and added new stats for tests; Quinque 3, MVNLT 20, and Quinque 2, will also add stats for Capiuntiq soon. 

  13. 21.04.19 Stats for Capiuntiq is now ok, hope many more of you will have a go at this test, the same goes for all of my other tests, as they are free of charge for 1st and 2nd attempt, before and after 30 submissions!

  14. 03.07.19 New test out now called: Quinque 4, this is the forth pure numerical test in the Quinque series. 

  15. 03.07.19 I will start with the norming process of MVNLT 20 this summer, will also update stats to all my tests this summer. 

  16. 12.07.19 I have today updated the stats for: Quinque, Quinque 2, Quinque 3, Scout, Spot, MVNLT 20, and Gradus 3 Light.

  17. 12.07.19 Preliminary norm is in for MVNLT 20, looks good!

  18. 23.07.19 Quinque had a mistake in item 15 and 21, item 15 has been corrected, and item 21 has been replaced with a new sequence.

  19. 26.07.19 Have updated the email address on all my tests to: torajor@outlook.com as the submission info states. This is now as it should be. The payment info is changed on my tests to: Free. 

  20. 30.07.19 I have today made a change to the SPOT test, item 5. This item has been removed, as it did not have the correct logic as first intended. 

  21. 30.07.19 When you take my tests, it will help that you also send inn your official superviced test scores if you have! Thanks to all that have sent their superviced test results to help with the norming prosess!! Many are now trying out my tests, this is great!! Thanks again for your support of my tests!!

  22. 30.07.19 I have changed one item on Quinque 4, item 18, the logic was not good. If people want to have a second go at this test, and this goes to the people that have already taken this test, they can. 

  23. 09.08.19 Quinque 2 is corrected regards to item; 17, and item 28. Thanks for the feedback of these two items!! Stats will also soon be updated, thanks to the people that is supporting my tests!!

  24. 11.08.19 Stats have been updated and controlled for all my tests.

  25. 01.09.19 New test has been added to the testpage called: Lambda XIK. This is the 11th test from me, hope that many of you will try this test out!! Will also update norms for Gradus 3, Gradus 3 Light and Spot. Will update more when norms are ready.

  26. 15.09.19 Stats updated for tests: Capiuntiq, Gradus 3, Gradus 3 Light, Quinque, Quinque 3, Scout, and Spot.

  27. 25.09.19 Gradus 3 has now a new updated norm, more norm updates will come soon!

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