This page is designed for the upcoming news, here i will add the info about all the new plans i have for in the future.

  1. 30.07.2019 When you take my tests, it will help that you also send inn your official superviced test scores if you have! Thanks to all that have sent their superviced test results to help with the norming prosess!! Thanks again for all your support!!

  2. 28.12.2019 Stats are now updated, norming of Gradus 3 Light, and Quinque 2 will be my next task. The number of first and second attempts of my tests, is now soon numbering 200 in total, thanks to all of you that have tried my tests!! 

  3. 10.01.2020 New norm for MVNLT20 is now ready take a look! Lots more news will come this year, new norms, new look to my testpage, new links, and more tests stay tuned!

  4. 01.02.2020 The 200th submission is now a fact, this is a great day for me now that this target has been reach, more updates will come soon regards to norms and stats. 

  5. Stats updated for Scout, Spot, and MVNLT20, 28 submissions on MVNLT20, two more needed for 1st norm!

  6. Have now updated my links/publications page.

  7. 31.05.2020 Stats now updated for all my tests, also added a new look to my stats. Have also updated the publication page with a new link. Will start by updating the MVNLT20-test in the month of June to 1st official norm. The updating of my other tests will also take place during the summer months.

  8. 28.06.2020 New preliminary norms for Lambda XIK and Quinque 4 is now ready. More updates will come in the next few days regarding norms for the rest of the Quinque series! I am also in the prosess of making my last Quinque-test, hereby number five in the Quinque series, this will be a very different numerical test from the rest.

  9. 28.07.2020 Preliminary norm on Quinque 3 has now been reviewed and updated, take a look!

  10. 30.07.2020 1st preliminary norm on Capiuntiq is now ready, take a look!  

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